The mystique and power of nature and its textures, colors and patterns have had an indelible effect on me and for my entire life I have felt immersed in the hypnotism of its enchantment. There is, after all, something peaceful and still about a single plant, and yet it is vibrant and stirring. Nature has much to do with the character of my work as an artist. I believe there is an actual personality or some further mystic quality that stalks nature’s wondrous creations. Perhaps I have an overactive imagination: yet I do believe there is an aura which prevails that is just as spiritual as it is geographic.

My interests have been far flung and diverse with a background in science, a love of history, a passion for sports, and an ever constant quest for knowledge, I sometimes wish I could have lived in the age of discovery when Captain Cook was traversing the world and bumping into new lands and new species.

With a reverence for the land that has enriched my life and given it purpose, I begin my work with a study of the mechanisms and anatomy of the plant I am focused on so that I can first understand it and secondly portray it accurately. Often the plants are new to me or perhaps they are plants with stories I want to hear, or are plants on the brink of disappearing, or ones that have served mankind directly as food, medicine or pleasure.

The mediums I work with also have a historical connection and fascination for me. The felt, beads, paper and paint give me an enormous sense of pride because not only have they been used for centuries but there has been no adequate synthetic replacement for them and they continue to hold a universal fascination and tactile relationship to many. The fact that felt, beads and paper are from this earth and recyclable is just an added bonus.

The artist that captures the spirit of nature is not only an artist, but also the historian and disciple. I am passionate about traveling to see my subjects in their environments. I prefer to draw them in the field whenever possible. Science has taught me the benefits of making use of the modern advancements in the mediums that I have access to and use them to my advantage. Mixing traditional techniques, the use of modern wool breeds, modern bead making techniques that create uniform beads with fantastic colors, or paint pigments that are brilliant enough to paint some of the hardest to capture flower hues in nature, all serve to enhance rather than replace older materials.

While I confess to a scattered attention span it must also be said that I find the pursuit of different mediums allows me to vary and expand my subject matter to suit the medium. It also creates a new awareness as I work which has been both useful and stimulating.

My current work is an exploration of techniques as well as expanding my range of subjects and knowledge of the natural world. There is after all a state of enchantment when we feel the invisible thread between us and art and nature.